DAY 2: I’m here

So I’m keeping with my promise for today. I spoke, via Twitter, with a student who is getting paid to do webinars. Might be an interesting route. Also, did a podcast with Ben Brust.

Again the key here is how to get PAID for something online. I know wishlist, Paul Evans, Brendon Burchard, Rise to the Top, Ana White, Social Media Examiner, etc. All models that generate on-going, continuous revenue. What I do in this vain? Again that’s the question.

I’m meeting with my compadre Chris tomorrow to discuss our ideas at 8 am. We’ll see how this turns out. I’m also talking to HubSpot. Gotta keep at it.

Now I can say … the work is done for today.

In the spirit of finding the first product here are two resources for multipart courses. One from Danny Iny and the other from Copyblogger

How to Create a Great E-Newsletter

Danny Iny Let’s Get More Cash Online Course


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