And so we start moving forward now …

For a long time, it’s been a search. Trying to discover how to actually make money online. I know it can be done. I’ve read a ton about how to do it, attended conferences run by people earning 5, 6, and 7 figures annually online and learned literally hundreds of different ways to do it. But there has been one big thing keeping me from making any progress. That one thing? Focus.

I’ve been jumping from idea to idea like a chat chasing a laser pointer, getting nowhere fast. I have the “If i only buy this program THEN, i’ll be able to succeed”. Or, “I’m going to commit for the next X number of days to see if this works”. Problem is, I always, always, always change where I’m looking and don’t follow through.

There absolutely have to be a way, with all I know, what all the people I’ve been fortunate enough to meet, to become fantastically successful online. First, I just want to make money doing this. Even if it’s just a couple of hundred dollars a month, I need to do it. I’ve been stuck chasing, running like a hamster in the wheel, trying, often desperately, to find my niche. Do I belong here? Should I specialize doing this? Is my life just screwed because I crumbled at the academy? How am I to know what I’m supposed to be doing? When will I get a sign? How will I know it’s the right sign? How will I know this is my life’s work? etc., etc., etc.

The goal is simple. Make money online. And write daily about how things are going. That’s it. This is my experiment in crossing the Rubicon an doing the work.

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