Day 3: Making Progress with Chris

Had a very productive meeting with Chris. Essentially, I have to increase the visibility of my brand. I need to clarify what I do, why I am worth listening to and how I specifically help people. My current website does a terrible job of this. Here are some samples I’m going to use.


Looked then at models of when someone signs up, what they can get. Remember this is like training a dog. you must give them samples of what THEY want while performing the behavior YOU want them to take.

One example is this:

Simple Strategies to Move The Needle for Online Marketing Success.

In this mini course, we provide you with a brief, action-oriented overview to help you understand the quick, critical questions you must ask AND answer for your online success. Here is one model

  • Course 1: Focus (Biggest Issue and I can take from 7 Minute Blogging, Mari’s and My Material to help develop the WHY!). Use the WCH as an example
  • Session 2: WHO: Who, more than anyone else are you trying to help? You need to be specific and here are some questions to ask to help you get there (story of Mitch and radio station)
  • Session 3: WIIFT: What’s in it for them? How are you specifically helping them. Here are some questions to ask to discover their wants and needs (WCH,
  • Session 4: How do you connect with them? How do you choose a tool? And remember the tool must match their needs as well as yours. If it doesn’t fit your business model how can you adapt to make it work (Story of Emerald Isle). This can be coupled up with a series of posts reviewing the big tools and using some type of grid to list out the strength of each
  • Session 5: Do the work. How to make sure it goes

  • Mari Smith Resources:
  • Brendon Burchard
  • Danny Iny Video Course (signed up for)
  • David Siteman Garland (Signed up for)
  • Pushing Social (signed up for)
  1. I want them to sign up and get in the sales funnel
  2. Then I want them to sign up for an eCourse or membership site where they’ll receive tons of assistance and help learning how to use online tools to grow their business and revenues.

Listening strategies

Interaction strategies (J Falls)

Measurement strategies

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